Solid Waste Management (SWM) has long been a neglected sector due to lack of strong commitment on the part of government. City District Government Lahore (CDGL) established LWMC under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984 on 19th March 2010. The company is limited by guarantee having no share capital and is formed not for profit within the meaning of Section-42 of the Companies Ordinance. The LMWC is governed by a Board of Directors (BODs), headed by a Chairman.

Through an agreement called SAAMA(Services and Asset Management Agreement), all the functions and assets of SWM department of CDGL and the TMAs has been entrusted to LWMC. LWMC aims to develop an integrated system of solid waste management to ensure efficient collection, transportation, recovery, treatment and disposal of the waste generated in Lahore.

Vision of LWMC

Transformation of Lahore as one of the cleanest cities in the world by providing customized solutions in the consultation with citizens and private partners to ensure sustainable, safe, clean and green environment.

LWMC’s Role in fighting Dengue

During Punjab Government's campaign against Dengue, LWMC has played a crucial role in curtailing this epidemic, by maintaining exemplary cleanliness in the city, vacating open plots of all kinds of waste. LWMC managed to clear 1,20,000 tons of waste from more than 2200 open plots in Lahore in 2011.

Waste to Energy (WtE)

In the light of existing energy needs Government of Punjab is vigorously exploring all traditional and non-traditional energy generation option. Waste to Energy is now considered as reliable and renewable form of energy that has become the basis for many of the most successful Solid Waste Management Systems in Europe and USA.

Technical Support by ISTAC

Since the inception of LWMC, M/s ISTAC, a company of Municipality of Istanbul, is providing technical support to LWMC through consultancy agreement. This contact of consultancy is from Dec 2010 – Dec 2013. ISTAC has assisted LWMC in improving its institutional structure. It conducted waste characterization studies, prepared waste management plans, design of outsourcing of SWM system for Lahore, design of sanitary landfill and conducted training of LWMC’s professional staff. ISTAC is currently engaged in preparation of integrated Solid Waste Management Plan, Hospital, Industrial and Packaging waste management plans. LWMC designed new Solid Waste Management System with the assistance of M/s ISTAC to outsource the SWM services in the city of Lahore to international companies. This outsourcing has been done through transparent international bidding and various internal firms were considered before awarding the contract to the 2 Turkish companies i.e. Albayrak and Ozpak against an amount of US $320 million for 7 years. The new Solid Waste Management Operations by Turkish companies were inaugurated jointly by His Excellency Kadir Tapas, the Mayorof Istanbul and Chief Minister Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif on 11th March 2012.

The scope of contracts includes

  • Collection of waste through door to door collection
  • Collection and removal of waste to the approved disposal sites
  • Mechanical/Manual sweeping of main and arterial roads, streets and squares with vacuumed vehicles
  • Mechanical washing

Ensure Health & Safety measures & Standards

Turkish contracts brought international expertise along with modern equipment and vehicles for carryout SWM operations. The workshops have been upgraded and M/s Ozpak has also started manufacturing of 0.8 M3 containers in the workshop. The contractors have brought in additional vehicles like hauler dumper, mini dumpers, chain arm rolls to address the SWM issue on the ground. Presently, about 1500 Km of roads are mechanically swept along with washing of about 100 Km of area daily. More than 80% waste collection efficiency has been achieved by the contractor in their respective zones which was only 60% at the onset of the project.

Establishment of Landfill site

Previously waste was openly dumped at Mehmood Booti in an unscienctific way. This practice had serious environmental repercussions. The soil, underground water and nearby water bodies were being contaminated and polluted with this open dumping. LWMC envisaged to establish sanitary landfill site at Lakhodair and acquired 52 hectares land. The site was selected after conducting geo technical and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies of the proposed land for which technical screening was conducted by M/s ISTAC and design was also prepared with the support of M/s ISTAC. In the first phase of the project, two weighbridges, access road, boundary wall and fencing was completed. LWMC has hired national consultant M/s NESPAK for design and construction supervision.

Complaint Re-dressal System

LWMC has established Complaint Re-dressal System wherein the citizens can lodge their complaint through the helpline 1139. The call center established in February 2011 is being operated through the internationally renowned company M/s The Resource Group (TRG). LWMC has efficiently addressed more than 67,000 complaints till date. Similarly, general public can access website of LWMC at, and Facebook for feedback.

Monitoring of SWM operations through IT tools

Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System (VTMS)

To efficiently manage a fleet of 600 operational vehicles, trackers have been installed on all operational vehicles including contractors’ vehicles. LWMC is ensuring optimum utilization of vehicles for cost effective efficiency and satisfactory waste collection.

Vehicle Trip Counting System (VTCS)

Vehicle Trip Counting System (VTCS) is automatically operated without any human involvement. This web based system is accessible through internet in any part of world. The amount of waste delivered by each vehicle can be seen in real time with a picture of the vehicle. The Turkish contractors have also given access to this system for continuous monitoring.

Android Based Monitoring

Aiming to effectively monitor the field activities of staff, LWMC has indigenously prepared a state-of-the art Android Based Digital Monitoring System using the latest technologies. Android based mobile devices coupled with PHP based web portal has opened a new era of web based monitoring.

Penalty Management System

LWMC has indigenously devised Penalty Management System with an objective to have a fast, reliable and online channel for intimation of operational deficiencies, monitoring the work done in response, recording and archiving data related with penalties. Penalty Management System will maintain a database of all imposed penalties enabling the top management to monitor the threads.

Complaint Management and Resolution System 1139

Complaint Management and Resolution System has been devised for registration of complaints lodged by public, escalation of complaints to the field staff and recording of resolution details of the complaints. The system has been outsourced to a well known company The Resource Group (TRG). TRG has deployed professionals and experienced call agents to handle waste related complaints. TRG ensures that by error free and prompt escalation daily received complaints and citizen’s problems are resolved to satisfactory level. Till date more than one lac waste related complaints have been resolved received through helpline 1139.

Replication of LWMC model in 6 other cities of Punjab

After the success of new solid waste management system in Lahore, Government of Punjab has decided to replicate the system in other cities of Punjab including Rawalpindi/Murree, Gujranwala, Multan, Faisalabad, Sialkot and Bahawal Pur. The waste managenet companies have been established in these districts. The design and technical specification of outsourcing contract for these cities have been prapered by LWMC.

Cleanliness contract with Metro Bus Service (MBS)

Cleaning services of MBS stations and routes are also entrusted to LWMC to maintain cleanliness on 27 stations and 27 Km long road of MBS. The efficient staff of LWMC abides by the protocols and operating procedures to provide clean environment on bus stations and MBS roads. The Waste bins have been installed with biodegradable bags besides initiating commuters’ awareness program to keep MBS tracks and stations waste free.

LWMC’s Role in fighting Dengue

During campaign against Dengue, LWMC played a crucial role in curtailing this epidemic, by maintaining exemplary cleanliness in the city, vacating open plots of all kinds of waste. LWMC managed to clear 200,000 tons of waste (C & D waste) from more than 3100 open plots in Lahore. The awareness teams of LWMC reached hundreds of schools, households and dozens of markets to sensitize them.

Community Awareness & Mobilization

The community mobilization teams touch thousands of people every month with an objective to sensitize them on proper disposal of waste. The major activities of communication department include: - Publication of LWMC newsletters and all leaflets/hand outs to inform and aware public School Awareness program Walks, Seminar, Forums, Public Awareness activities involving Mosques & Churches

Maintaining Social Networking pages

Mobilization of target audience for compliance with schedules of Turkish contractors Oz-Pak & Al-Bayrak Engagement of local and national media to effectively propagate activities of LWMC for masses

Waste to Energy (WtE)

In the light of existing energy needs Government of Punjab is vigorously exploring all tradition and non-traditional energy generation option. Waste to Energy is now considered as reliable and renewable form of energy that has become the basis for many of the most successful solid waste management systems in Europe and USA.

Way Forward:

LWMC journey does not end here – the company is committed to provide user friendly and state of the art cleanliness services to the citizens of Lahore. We intend to provide integrated systems for Hospital Waste Management, Hazardous waste management and construction & demolition waste management. We are very grateful to the Government of Punjab and our Turk brothers. Without their technical and moral support, LWMC would not have become a success story what it is today.