Since the inception of LWMC, M/s ISTAC, a company of Municipality of Istanbul, is providing technical support to LWMC through consultancy agreement. This contact of consultancy is from Dec 2010 – Dec 2013. ISTAC has assisted LWMC in improving its institutional structure. It conducted waste characterization studies, prepared waste management plans, design of outsourcing of SWM system for Lahore, design of sanitary landfill and conducted training of LWMC’s professional staff. ISTAC is currently engaged in preparation of integrated Solid Waste Management Plan, Hospital, Industrial and Packaging waste management plans.

LWMC designed new Solid Waste Management System with the assistance of M/s ISTAC to outsource the SWM services in the city of Lahore to international companies. This outsourcing has been done through transparent international bidding and various internal firms were considered before awarding the contract to the 2 Turkish companies i.e. Albayrak and Ozpak against an amount of US $320 million for 7 years. The new Solid Waste Management Operations by Turkish companies were inaugurated jointly by His Excellency Kadir Tapas, the Mayorof Istanbul and Chief Minister Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif on 11th March 2012.