Cleanliness at MBS

Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) providing Janitorial and housekeeping services for Multan Metro Bus System from BZU to Chowk Kumharan on all 21 metro stations 24/7 in three shifts morning, evening and night.

Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) is providing smooth operations at MBS Multan through professional and experienced staff. All Staff is well trained and dedicated. Proper trained teams are deputed for each task. Job Descriptions of each personnel is clear.Office and store for backup support is completely operational.

Morning and Evening Shift Operational Activities.

LWMC responsibility is to keep clean metro bus stations at all the time during operational hours. Which includes the cleaning of

  • Station floor and Phenyl is used as disinfectant on each station.
  • Moping, sweeping, spotless, litter free during the both shifts.
  • Cleaning of railing on pedestrian bridge, dusting of fixtures,
  • Cleaning of washrooms and availability of hand wash liquid, tissue paper and towel is also responsibility of LWMC.
  • Cleaning of Stairs, Elevators / Escalators at all the time during operational hours in both shifts
  • Cleaning of tough tiles, side grills, area under the stairs and entrance during operation.
  • Cleaning of water coolers, tensile machine, emergency area, generator area
  • Cleaning of ticketing booth from inside and form outside in both shifts
  • Provision of Janitorial item at stations on weekly basis with the help of P-60
  • Collection of waste from all stations on daily basis by P-60
  • 4 stations officers’ 21 supervisors 143 workers in morning and 4 Station officer 21 Supervisors and 143 workers deputed for smooth operations of evening.

Metro Station Washing and Cleaning

Washing of platform, pedestrian bridge and emergency stairs. Wet and dry cleaning of glass doors with soft cloth, removal of waste bag and installation of new bag. Washing of dustbins from outside and inside, wiping it dry. Cleaning of automatic doors with wet and dry cloth to keep it free of dirt and dust. Removal of cobweb from all parts of station. Cleaning and dusting of fixtures such as cupboards, glasses door, shelves, chair etc. Manual cleaning of outside station area of corridor. 2 Station officers, 21 supervisors and 107 workers deputed for night operations at stations

Bus corridor

Mechanical sweeping of bus corridor on daily basis Mechanical Sweeper and Vacuum Sweeper is available and 1 supervisor with 4 helpers is deputed to keep smooth mechanical sweeping operations on daily basis.

  • Mechanical washing of bus corridor from BZU to Chowk Kumharan once a week is the responsibility of LWMC. Water Bowser with 2 helper is available for washing. In case non-availability of water at any station water bowser remains available for provision of water in case motor damaged or any other issue.
  • For collection of waste from stations and form corridor pick up with 2 helper remains in corridor for collection of waste from station to station at the end at disposed off at communal waste point provided by Multam waste Management Company.
  • A supervisor deputed for monitoring of bus corridor operations for mechanical sweeping and washing.

Cleaning of Canopies

Canopy cleaning of each station once a month is the responsibility of LWMC. Which includes cleaning of roofs, ceilings, canopies, moping of all part and fixtures, glass door, escalators, elevators, pedestrian bridge, side railing etc. For this task 10 workers and 1 supervisor deputed in night shift.

Washing and Cleaning of Water Tank

As the operation and maintenance of water resources is the part of LWMC. For availability of clean water regular washing and cleaning of drinking water tank is necessary. Mono block pump, water pipe is available for pumping of water out for cleaning. Once in the month cleaning of water tank is carried out. For this purpose one supervisor and 3 workers deputed.

Operational Maintenance of Water Coolers

Provision of filtered water at station is the responsibility of LWMC. There are two water coolers at each station. Due to the non-operational of water motor or any other lapse water is provided through the water bowsers. Provision of cooled water during summer, replacement of damaged filter’s glass and changed the water filters twice in a month also part of LWMC. To keep smooth operations four plumbers are deputed for repair and Maintenance of water coolers and wash room’s accessories.

Maintenance of Electrical equipment

Operational maintenance of electric equipment’s is responsibility of LWMC. Two electricians are deputed to resolve water motors, water coolers, lights, switch boards and exhaust fans issues.

Operational Maintenance of Washroom

During bus operation hours, washroom’s maintenance and keep them operational is also the responsibility of LWMC, there are four washrooms at each station, for this purpose four plumbers are deputed in two shifts. They repair washroom accessories like flush tanks, taps, muslim showers, basins, hand wash dispensers, towel and tissue papers stands, washroom doors etc. they are also resolve the blockage/drainage issues of washrooms.